Alfred Meakin Patterns

The patterns below are from items we have, or have had, in stock.  Names in black are the correct Alfred Meakin pattern names.

Names in blue are our own names used to describe the pattern.  If you happen to know the correct name for these patterns please send us an email so we can update it.


features a patterned floral band and colourful floral sprays

circa 1930+

Bengal Tree

features a patterned rim with floral sprays, a wide inner band, and a central tree with pink blossom

circa 1937+

Bleu De Roi

features a blue band on the rim

circa 19


features sailboats moored at a seaside town

circa 1937+

Coaching Days, London to York

features a stagecoach outside the Swan Inn and a signpost from London to York

circa 1945+

Colourful Blossom

features pink and white blossom, and yellow and orange blossom on branches

circa 1937+

Colourful Floral Sprays

features one large and two small colourful floral sprays

circa 1930+

Cream with Thin Gold Band

features a gold band which runs parallel to the outside rim

circa 1937+

Cream with Wide Gold Patterned Rim

features a wide gold patterned rim

circa 1945+

Crinoline Lady and Blue Birds

features a lady in blue crinoline dress and four blue birds; a pattern of orange and green dashes on inner rim; and an embossed rim.

circa 1945+

Father Thames

features the River Thames

circa 1930+

Father Thames - St Paul's

features the River Thames and St Paul's Cathedral

circa 1930+

Father Thames - Tower Bridge

features the River Thames and the Tower Bridge

circa 1930+

French Costumes 18th Century - Female Grape Pickers of Burgundy

features a French lady in an 18th century grape picker's costume; and an embossed rim

circa 1945+


French Costumes 18th Century - Male Grape Pickers of Burgundy

features a French male in an 18th century grape picker's costume; an embossed rim with green edge

circa 1945+

Golden Astoria

features a gold band and gold flowers on the rim

circa 1945+


features a farmer and sheep on a lane in front of a homestead

circa 1945+



features a border of yellow and red primroses

circa 1930+

Riverdale, Purple

features a house on the riverbank and wildflowers

circa 1907+


features a courting couple in front of a tree, and colourful flowers

circa 1937+

Royal Marigold Flowers

features a ring of colourful flowers with dotted lines

circa 1930+

The Rest

features people outside a country house, including a farmer and his dog, and some ducks

circa 1945+

Tsing Hoi

features a Chinese pagoda on the banks of a river, and a sailboat

circa 1945+

Twilight Rose

features maroon-black roses

circa 1945+

White Horse Inn

features a farmer and cow outside the White Horse Inn

circa 1945+


features pink and yellow flowers

circa 1945+