Issue 00:02 The Tea Room

Posted by Megan Chilcott on

If you have visited our shop you will know that we have two rooms:

  • the Main Room, which houses the dinner sets, jugs, vases, glass, crystal, linen and silverware, and
  • the Tea Room, which houses the tea sets, trios, duos, cake plates, cake stands, and those poor orphaned side plates, saucers, and cups.


    We were lucky enough to purchase some new display stands for our tea sets, which started the whole process of tidying, dusting and rearranging things in the Tea Room.


    And as the Tea Room is now sorted, we have decided to put our efforts into listing all of its contents onto our online shop before we tackle the Main Room.

    Now that Lily is about to join me in the shop, we have broken the shop area down into 28 parts to create a 4-week cleaning roster, to make the dusting more manageable.  A little like setting New Year's resolutions.  Hopefully our cleaning roster lasts longer than our New Year's resolutions!

    Another resolution we have made is to add at least 200 new items onto our website every week, which seems like a big number.  But if we break that down, it is only 29 new items a day - another more manageable target.

    So, maybe if I break down my normal unreachable New Year's resolutions into more manageable ones, I may actually achieve one (or more) in the New Year.  Here's hoping!

    We wish you all a happy, fun, safe New Year's, and may your resolutions be achieved next year.

    Megan and Lily


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